Chewsing where to eat as a group made easy!

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Get a Group Together

You and your friends struggling to decide on a place to eat?

Create/Join a Session

Create an event and share the invite with friends.

Get Chewsing!

Swipe on places that you like to find the most popular group picks.

Main Features

Many features make WeChews the perfect app to help decide where to eat for events. It gives everyone the opportunity to express their opinions to make the event a success!

Explore Places to Eat

Discover new places using the simple swipe interface.

Detailed Place Info

The app shows detailed information for each food option.

Built in Chat

Message directly in the app to keep all event information in one place.

Shows Top Group Picks

Easily navigate through the groups most popular picks.

Create Anywhere

When creating an event select an area anywhere in the world.

Share Event

Share code with friends easily with built in share capabilities.

How does it look?

WeChews was designed with style and usability in mind. The design incorporates well known user interfaces to maximise familiarisation and to minimise the learning curve of the application.

Clients Testimonials

What are our Chewsers saying?

This app is fantastic! Our work team uses this for group outings to explore new places in our area that we've never discovered before.

Samuel Y

WeChews User

WeChews is the perfect app for deciding where to eat for date night, or dinner out with the girls. It’s the key to being decisive, and exploring new places to eat!

Grace M

WeChews User

We always struggle deciding where to eat and this app completely solves this. It gives food options in the area and tells you the group favourites making food decisions easy. 10/10!

Ashish B

WeChews User

Events have been sooooo much easier to organise! I no longer need to worry about choosing a place that people dont like as they all get a say. I will definitely continue using the app!

Youyi C

WeChews User

The Team

WeChews was Developed by J WEAVER DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED. The developer of the project being Joseph.

Joseph Weaver


Common FAQ

WeChews should be intuitive to use. However, if you have any questions get in contact. Below are some commonly asked questions.

A mobile app that makes Chewsing where to eat as a group easy! WeChews provides an easy solution to the “Where should we eat?”, and “What do you feel like?". Simply start up a session by picking the location for the event, invite your friends, and decide in no time!
First create an event and share the code with friends. Using this code they can join your event! To explore the places swipe right to like and left to dislike. Extra information on the place can be found by clicking the bottom of the card.
To find the groups most popular places navigate to the 'Group Picks' tab. In this view it shows a ranking of the most popular picks and how many people in the group liked it. To view the details the card can be clicked.
The app also has chat functionality and can be accessed in the 'Chat' tab. All messages send out notificatons to the users.
For any questions dont hesitate to get in contact by sending an email to contact@jweaverdevelopments.com

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